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"nalu" Hawaiian for wave, a constant transfer of energy that we bring into your company. We make you and your organisation fit for data-driven, digital marketing; our motto: Break.Transform.Create.
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Our core competencies at a glance

You’ve come to the right place if your concern revolves around digital marketing. Digital nalu consists of specialists primarily for data-based marketing with a strong focus on consulting and implementation.

Our services are therefore specialised on a strategic, conceptual level and the correct implementation in the respective technical setup. We are experienced in working with internal teams and other external partners and maintain good relationships both nationally and internationally.

Whether it is the implementation of campaigns, the setup of correct tracking or the transfer of knowledge – we take your marketing, your shop or your website to the next level!

Since 2022 we have also proudly carried the “swiss digital services” label and since 2023 we have been “digital ad trust ambassadors”.

swiss digital services

Campaigns & Implementation

As digital experts, we don't just advise, but actively implement and take responsibility. From data-based planning to execution. With us, you get everything from one single source so you can achieve the best results!

Data & Insights

In the digital world, generating data is essential. To drive your business forward we ensure that the right data is collected on both your website and when communicating on external media!

Concepts & Enablement

We develop your ideas further - beyond the solid proof of concept (POC) - are there for you even in difficult times, provide you with our knowledge, manpower and know-how and accompany your company in the ever-changing digital world.

Who trusts us

An excerpt of our customers
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Technology & Tools

Our technology portfolio

In digital marketing, there are countless technologies and even more tools. Digital nalu therefore focuses on a selection of third-party tools such as the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) including Google AdManager and Google Tag Manager (GTM) as well as Hootsuite, ProductsUp and Hubspot. We also develop our own artificial intelligence (AI)-based software to improve existing applications through data science.

In many companies, marketing automation is limited to email or CRM. We automate your workflows, make your processes intelligent and activate your data for more measurable success!

Data driven marketing

Our supreme discipline - data-driven marketing is not only the future, but already the present. Digital nalu is a pioneer and brings a wealth of experience from various industries and market participants - let's challenge!

Data analysis

What good is data without analysis? At digital nalu the often forgotten part of marketing comes into focus to draw the right conclusions in order to be better next time. This is the only way to guarantee success!

Data science

In-depth analyses, pattern recognition, visualisations or the development of individual optimisation algorithms for your digital campaigns - digital nalu is your partner for complex requirements in data-based marketing. What challenges do you want to face?

Sales & Automation

Our approach to automation is based on data and so is that of selling e.g. digital advertising space. We ensure higher monetisation and automation with the help of automation software and the use of self-learning algorithms.

News from and about us

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Copywriting without effort: AI text generators make writing a piece of cake!

AI text generators help marketers create high-quality, engaging content faster than ever before. In no time at all, comprehensive data can be analyzed and contextual, well-structured and compelling AI texts can be generated. This saves time and resources in content creation. But beware: the AI text generator cannot replace human creativity and strategic thinking, but serves as a supporting tool for your marketing activities.

We will be happy to advise you on the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools.

digital nalu for fondation SOS Kinderdorf Schweiz

Together with ROD and TWMedia the new campaign about ex-children was launched. Digital nalu takes over the digital media planning of social media, display and video ads through to data-driven, programmatic purchasing. Together with partners such as Triplelift / 1plusX, we rely on state-of-the-art DMPs and data clean rooms for our audience management. We are proud to be part of it and look forward to a new era in digital fundraising. Click here (GER) for the press release and the interview (GER) with Silvia Beyeler, Head of Marketing at SOS Children’s Villages.

Streaming services open up to programmatic ads

It’s not new, but it’s still a big bang: Netflix is ​​cooperating with Xandr in the area of ​​programmatic marketing, but there’s even more to come! Disney+ will work with The Trade Desk in the future. Their Unified ID 2.0 and the Disney Audience Graph give advertisers direct access to Disney’s 1st party data from their own data clean room, such as viewing behavior, preferences, but also age, place of residence, cell phone number and household affiliation. User segmentation will then be bookable via The Trade Desk’s DSP. In contrast to Netflix, the company relies on its own and external technology. In an outsourcing strategy, Netflix also outsources the data clean room to Xandr, which belongs to Microsoft, since they are DSP and SSP at the same time. Google and Amazon are lagging behind for the time being. On the one hand because Google was at a disadvantage in the race as a technology provider, on the other hand advertising money could flow into the development of the new platforms. One can also assume that Netflix chose Xandr because Microsoft, unlike Google and Amazon, does not operate its own streaming service.

Goodbye Universal Analytics

Google has announced that it will begin sunsetting Universal Analytics next year. On 1.07.23 Universal Analytics and on 1.10.23 Universal Analytics 360 will be shut down and from now on no new hits will be recorded. A quick migration to the successor Google Analytics 4 is advised to avoid data loss and to ensure clean tracking. The beginning of a new, cross-platform tracking era is approaching!

We are a member of "swiss digital services"!

digital nalu was the first digital marketing service provider to be given the “swiss digital services” label. We too are committed to the Swiss values of quality, reliability and precision and look forward to strengthening Switzerland as a location in the field of data-driven digital marketing.

swiss digital services

Coop - Google Case Study

In 2017 and 2018, we already dealt with the topic of unique reach and how we can programmatically find the right frequency to optimally address consumers and not annoy them with advertising. The result is the case study we created together with Google in 2019. Enjoy the read!

Download Case Study

Welcome Alina!

Since mid-August 2021, digital nalu has been supported by a new team member: Welcome dear Alina! She will support our clients in an advisory and implementation. With her excellent communication and design skills, every advertising campaign will be a success!

Start of the new CAS Data Driven Marketing at the FHNW

Since 20.08.2021, the CAS Data Driven Marketing has been taking place at the FHNW. Students can expect a packed programme, exciting topics around data, machine learning and AI! In the middle of it all, Holger is also holding a course day with the topic Deep Dive Data Management. He will work with the students on real live cases and evaluate the project work at the pitch. Have fun all participants!

New Custom Bidding in DV360

Google will offer new functionalities in the area of custom bidding in the next few days/weeks. In addition to the previously known functions of writing one’s own algorithm, predefined targets will be selectable in the future based on the Floodlight activities. GA360 users can also look forward to their targets being made usable in this way too. Click here for the Google Blog post.

Awin Talks: Has affiliate broken into the media mainstream?

In Switzerland, affiliate marketing may not be on everyone’s mind, but it is nevertheless a channel in mid-funnel that should not be neglected. Holger talks about this topic together with Rob from AWIN. Listen in!

Digital online spendings overtakes offline

For the first time, the digital advertising investments will crack the non-digital ones in Germany in 2021. With a share of 53%, online advertising accounts for 150 € per year in advertising per German citizen. An increase of € 28 compared to last year. The increase can be explained by a lasting pandemic-related online shift in people’s everyday lives. More information on the study can be found at Resolution Media.

Use TikTok correctly for companies

For many companies, the various social media channels are not within reach. To increase brand awareness among a young target group, Gazprom, one of the sponsors of EURO 2020, has launched a campaign on TikTok together with UEFA. The multinational campaign generated over 91 million impressions at a CPM of € 0.51. The click rate (CTR) of 0.55% is also impressive. You can find the results here.