Numbers say more than 1,000 words!

In addition to a website or app, the basic requirement also includes financial resources. Even though there are free tools such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics (GA) or Google Data Studio, it doesn’t mean that once an account is created, magic will happen and everything will run automatically.

Consistent tracking – before any marketing activity – is a critical success factor for campaign success and therefore also crucial for the correct analysis of data. So don’t be blinded by marketing blah-blah and do your homework first before throwing money senselessly out the window.

Google Analytics

As one of the most widely used analysis tools, Google Analytics (GA) is on everyone’s lips. The free version offers advantages in web analysis for both small and large companies. The paid version GoogleAnalytics360 (GA360) offers the “cherry on top” especially in the area of data-driven marketing and automation.

Firebase Analytics

The Firebase SDK is based on Google Analytics and is the analysis solution for apps. Therefore, the same functionalities are available. The reports can be used to analyse user behaviour and improve the app. In addition, performance optimisation, target group segmentation and the like are possible. Of course, the Firebase SDK is compatible with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Biq Query.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The existing version of Google Analytics, the so-called Universal Analytics (UA), is gradually being replaced with the introduction of GA4. Whereas previously several properties had to be created for web and app, streams are now responsible for the smooth flow of data within a single property. This simplifies cross-device tracking. As long as UA still exists, both GA variants should be used so that sufficient data points are already available in the new GA4 property for the continuation of the business.

Google Data Studio

The visualisation of campaign results on external websites, user behaviour on one’s own website or the representation of the customer journey over several stages are just a few examples of applications.

When using the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), Google Ads or Google Analytics, a connection of all systems for data visualisation is given; but third-party partners can also be connected.

Google Data Studio is suitable for daily, periodic or episodic reports, whether for individual teams or management.