We were already doing it when nobody knew about it!

The activation, i.e. the use, of data is the true gold of digitalisation. With the right tools, the first data can be collected and activated in just a few simple steps. With increasing maturity and a structured approach, you gain access to more data that can also be used in real life.

The investment pays off immediately! With the help of the Google Marketing Platform or ProductsUp, for example, processes can be automated and further insights from your customers on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest can be collected, interpreted and applied.

A self-reinforcing cycle that gets better every time!

Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is an important tool for advertisers that covers the most important components of digital marketing. In particular, the Google Tag Manager for website tracking, Google Analytics for data analysis, the Campaign Manager and Display Video for the playout and tracking of campaigns should be mentioned here.

DisplayVideo360 (DV360) is used for push communication, while SearchAds360 (SA360) can be used for pull communication. DV360 and SA360 are “upgraded” tools, known from the “free” Google Ads products. They offer more options for ad delivery on the various channels but, unlike Google Ads, transparently show the costs.

Digital nalu does not sell these products, but uses them for successful, data-driven campaigns. For your own licence, if desired and required, we refer you to our partners with whom we work closely.

Digital Maturity Model

We must take the first step before the second! Even if it sounds so banal – it is the truth. The digital maturity of your organisation, the degree of automation or the technologies it uses will influence tomorrow’s success.

In order to be successful the day after tomorrow, we not only carry out initial and regular audits at your premises, but also talk to all relevant people and classify important competences in a multi-level model, which leads to concrete recommendations for action. Together, we implement these selectively and in a targeted manner, so that resources can be further built up and unnecessary costs can be saved in the long term.

„There is no «digital strategy» anymore, just strategy in a digital world.“

MarTech analysis

As a specialist for digital technologies, we have had the opportunity to support and lead the evaluation and introduction of various marketing technologies countless times in recent years. Again and again, companies of all sizes are faced with the same challenges: which technologies are necessary, required and, above all, useful!

Since we do not sell any technology, we can neutrally examine and sharpen your marketing use cases in the short, medium and long term and develop possible scenarios. The requirements assessment of the technology to be evaluated within the framework of the existing technology stack is just as much a part of our tasks as the examination of the fulfilment of all requirements of different stakeholders as well as the technology itself.

The evaluation of competing technologies within the framework of the requirements specification or requirements catalogue goes without saying. If you manage the new technology to be introduced in-house, we help you with the onboarding process and train your employees. Otherwise, we can take on specialised tasks or evaluate the right agency / media agency with the appropriate experience and skillset. Digital nalu acts as project manager and knowledge broker in this process for a perfect start.

Customer Centricity

Customer-centric communication is the great strength of digital customer communication through data-driven marketing and intelligent automation. The one-to-many communication of mass media, as you know it from TV or posters, is changing into a one-to-one dialogue between company and consumer at eye level. End consumers thus benefit from a high relevance of company-driven, data-driven communication across all digital channels, precisely adapted to their needs. The activation of own as well as third-party partner data and the data-driven expansion of different target groups are cornerstones of success.

The following case study, which was created together with Google, shows how an optimised customer approach within a target group can look. (Download Case Study PDF).

Are you ready too? Let us determine your digital maturity!


ProductsUp is a feed management tool that allows you to automatically transport data from one system to another.
For example, if you have an online shop with several hundred or thousand products and want to do dynamic remarketing, you need software that transfers your products from the backend of your eCommerce software to another system, such as Google Studio, where dynamic advertising material can be compiled for playout in DisplayVideo360 (DV360).

Simple feed management solutions can be based on Excel or a Google Doc. With increasing complexity, different offer durations, target groups, languages, systems for export, etc., several export feeds are needed, which require a clean structure. Therefore, ProductsUp is suitable as soon as you have more than one channel and need a central feed management.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

What does social media have to do with data-driven marketing? – A lot, actually! All platforms use data or artificial intelligence in some form. The orchestration of the different platforms, consistent tracking and adapted communication must be learned and lived. For a communication measure across different platforms, it is important to consider the peculiarities of each platform in addition to the different uses of social media. The character limit of Twitter is well known, the fact that only video content counts on Twitch is perhaps also known, with YouTube we have one of the largest search engines at our disposal and on TikTok everyone can realise themselves…

But social media is not only suitable for B2C, but also for B2B, because in our professional lives we also use Xing in addition to LinkedIn; especially since we ourselves are users of one of the above-mentioned platforms in our private lives. For an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy, the right selection of platforms is also needed for social media, because you cannot and do not want to use all of them! So let’s talk to each other!