Gut feeling is good, data is better!

If you didn’t think about the various possibilities for collecting data on your website during the creation process, now is the right time to get started!

Even if you already have a website and are planning a new landing page for a product or service, e.g. as part of a marketing campaign, digital tracking is the basis for a successful launch.
In addition to technical data, they receive above all movement data of their website visitors and can answer the following questions, for example:

  • How do my users behave on the website?
  • Which app screen is viewed the longest?
  • Do all users come from Switzerland?
  • Which product is clicked on most and (not) bought?
  • Where do users jump off in the buying process?

The provision of the acquired data in suitable analysis tools and the visualisation supports the interpretation and helps you to draw the right conclusions.
In addition to clear dashboards for your weekly marketing meetings

In addition to clear dashboards for your weekly marketing meetings, we define the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) together, implement web or app tracking and ensure further processing by other systems.

However, our work does not stop at web analysis. Using specifically developed algorithms, which we programme specifically for your needs, we optimise your data analysis in an unprecedented way. These algorithms, developed individually for you, are composed of many small predefined steps that serve to solve your specific questions. However, algorithms also discover patterns that have never been thought of before.

In this way, optimisations can already be made in the campaign playout or on the basis of the acquired website or transaction data, which leads to a constant improvement of the entire cycle. This training of computer systems, also known as machine learning, uses algorithms and statistical models to analyse and recognise patterns in the acquired data sets.

The goal of computerised analysis and automation is to advance your business by generating new audiences and leads, and to personalise customer targeting, whether onpage or on external sites, e.g. in the form of ads, of new and existing customers. Digital nalu brings you one step closer to your most relevant and valuable customers with the data and insights gained!

Website & app tracking

No insights without data and no data without tracking. Whether website or app, based on a KPI concept, we implement the right measuring points, e.g. via Google Tag Manager, to ensure consistent and continuous tracking and data collection. We can export the data to your analysis tool, such as Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics, but also to any other third-party software, so that new insights into user behaviour can be gained.

Reporting & Visualisation

We not only provide you with the data collected from your website or app in your analysis tool, but also prepare comprehensive reports and visualise them in Google Data Studio, for example.

The personalised dashboards are based on the defined KPIs and provide you with a basis for further decisions. We provide the reports as Excel files or as machine-readable CSV files, so that nothing stands in the way of further processing or in-depth analysis.

Algorithms & machine learning

We program individual algorithms for our clients, which on the one hand are effective within campaign optimisation, and on the other hand are also used in data analysis. The well-founded data basis enables our algorithms to train themselves in such a way that they become better and better and deliver better results. We also apply the machine learning process in marketing automation so that processes can run intelligently and automatically.

Target groups & lead management

The creation of (buyer) personas and/or target groups is a fundamental task in marketing as well as in sales. In addition to creating hypotheses, we verify or falsify the hypotheses based on the data obtained and tell you who your most valuable target group really is.
To do this, we draw on various data sources from our own as well as third-party systems in order to obtain a picture of your customers which is as comprehensive as possible.

However, we don’t just use the insights gained for analysis, we activate the data straight away for your next campaign and create new, data-driven target groups and digital twins for you that convert and complement your existing personas.