„Quality is when the customers return and the goods don't.“

Hermann Tietz

Advertising placements can be sold in an automated process to generate revenue.
With the help of various technologies, we can meet all requirements, as well as marketing, i.e. publicising websites, products or services.

Google Ad Manager

In order to successfully market your website or app, you need to manage your ads correctly. Be it video, display or native ads, they all have their own characteristics and may need to be managed differently.

In addition to advising on the pricing structure, we design the marketing spaces and implement the placements on the website. Of course, the handling of directly booked or automated campaigns is also part of our portfolio. With the help of the Google Ad Manager, which serves as our ad server and sales side platform (SSP), we control your marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Through data-driven campaigns, display, Google or social ads, potential prospects have landed on your website. Converting these leads into customers – as automatically as possible – is inbound marketing. Do you have a product that requires explanation or do you offer services that can’t simply be put in the shopping basket? In this case, a tool like HubSpot could help you automate your tasks!

Granted, there are better online marketing tools for campaigns and tracking (or even CMS), but where HubSpot shows its potential is in automating your sales processes. Create personalised landing pages, answer customer enquiries automatically, send newsletter routes automatically and many other features can be set up with just a few clicks.


Schedule social media posts and promote them at the same time. Everything clearly arranged in one tool and at a reasonable price. Hootsuite connects several social networks so that posting becomes easier and clearer.

The use of third-party software for social media marketing makes sense exactly when you want to play on several channels in the long term, in parallel. If you only use Facebook and Instagram, the companies’ given software is sufficient in most cases. It should also be noted that communication should be channel-specific. The preview functions help to see the post while it is being created and to re-crop images if necessary.