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However, with the help of data science, we not only evaluate and visualise data, but also develop data-driven products with self-learning algorithms. Like riding a motorbike, the journey is the destination.

Learning and training the algorithm is of particular importance, practical applicability in business to improve e.g. campaign performance is another. Our products or analyses developed with artificial intelligence (AI) advance the business, are applicable and can be used immediately.

Google Cloud Platform

there are already interfaces (APIs) to other Google systems, connecting and receiving data is quick. The GCP has many integrations and operates web-based.


BigQuery is probably one of the best known products from the GCP. Anyone who has ever linked their AdWords / Google Ads account in Google Analytics will be familiar with the BigQuery icon. The data warehouse is specially designed for the requirements of digital marketing. Petabytes of data can be retrieved in real time and then analysed quickly and scalably with the help of ANSI SQL. Business results can be forecast using machine learning (ML) without having to move data again. The sharing of results to different BI systems as well as the backflow of data into the different marketing systems rounds off the functionalities.


TensorFlow is an open source platform for machine learning and has a comprehensive and above all flexible ecosystem of tools and libraries.
The training and implementation of models is location-independent, whether in the cloud, in a browser or on one’s own device. Neural networks can be realised via TensorFlow, for example, as can recommender (recommendation systems) or generative adversarial networks.


The object-oriented (OO) programming language Python is becoming increasingly popular. If it is not only used by data scientists, APIs or other applications can also be written with Python.

Along with (variants of) SQL, Python is one of the most important languages for analysing data. But in addition to the diversity and simplicity of this programming language, there is a large worldwide community that continues to develop the code and can also help with questions.