They have held various positions in international digital marketing on the marketer, advertising network, technology, client and agency sides. Thus, they have been able to gather profound knowledge about the different uses of data of the various market participants.

Therefore, it has long been clear: the future of digital marketing clearly lies in the use of artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and the use of data. With digital nalu, companies have a partner with high competencies in the areas mentioned. Whether small, medium-sized or large company – within every company size there are opportunities to set the right course. We are ready for any challenge!


The analogy of the wave is also reflected in our claim. The permanent transfer of energy is the constant change in digital business. We break up existing structures or entrenched thoughts, empower you and your team, impart knowledge and step in when you need support!

With our way of working, we bring a breath of fresh air and new ways of thinking into your company. With the “data thinking” that we bring with us, we make our decisions not only on the basis of our wealth of experience, but data-based and future-oriented.

We create and change. Be it a new campaign idea, a groundbreaking project, a new business field or software. If you are looking for change, you have come to the right place!


Digital nalu does not see itself as an agency, but as a digital boutique. We offer selected digital marketing services with a high degree of specialisation. Our clients appreciate this as well as our high service quality, very short response times and extraordinary results. The product is joint success based on performance, diligence, openness, continuous training and of course health.

We are self-reliant, independent and neutral, and treat each other with mutual respect, which we demand from our counterparts as well as from ourselves.


We are proud of our powerful team and value open and honest communication, flat hierarchies and a high degree of personal responsibility. We feel obliged to our clients to provide only the best, to be loyal and to act in their best interest.

Holger von Ellerts

Founder and Managing Director

Holger likes to call himself a digital rebel. Always swimming against the tide, he is a specialist in programmatic advertising, data development and always takes digital nalu as well as clients one step further – data-driven, of course!

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Head of happiness & people management

Keeps us busy in and out of the office 😉

Ricarda von Ellerts


Ricarda keeps an eye on the big picture without neglecting the details. With her experience in eCommerce, she feels particularly at home in search engine marketing and marketing automation.

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