Knowledge gets bigger when you share it!

In the area of concepts, it’s about more than opportunity/risk analyses from classic business development. At digital nalu, the focus is always on the digital space and how to adapt or rather transform proven concepts, such as an existing offline business. But what experience has taught us is that not every business is suitable for this. Sometimes it is better to let go of the tried and tested and start with a completely new, 100% digital business idea.

Digital Business Development

Doing digital marketing can mean very different things. Just because another market player has e.g. released an app, doesn’t mean it will work for your own business. Therefore, digital nalu uses a framework to examine the current status quo.

In addition to the existing technical infrastructure, communication channels, personnel and other factors, digital nalu evaluates your digital maturity and develops customised, individual and, above all, feasible concepts for scaling your business (model). We don’t leave you on your own, but provide you with active and personal support so that you can achieve digital success.

Digital marketing campaigns

The key question in digital marketing is how do I achieve optimal results with digital advertising? As in other areas, goal setting is the be-all and end-all of a successful campaign.
Whereas in the past marketing objectives were based on business goals, today we should rely on data-driven goal setting, provided the right data is available to create the goals.

If not, we at digital nalu work with jointly developed hypotheses, which we verify or falsify during the setup of the right technical infrastructure.

Interim management

Short-term staff shortage, no successor found, holiday or pregnancy replacement and all this before the go-live of an important campaign? – No problem, we can help out! Be it as an operative bridge for the handover of staff and for the transfer of knowledge, e.g. in campaign management, as a temporary solution as a data analyst or as a marketing manager to control the agencies; we have many years of experience in all these operative activities and are at your side competently.

But also in strategic positions, conceptual planning, in the management or rebuilding of teams, (re)organisations and new structures, we bring valuable input from small and large companies from various industries and provide temporary support until you have found the right candidate. This way, knowledge is retained, business moves forward and competitiveness does not have to suffer!

Business transformation

Companies with a long tradition, but also with a short one, are subject to the constant changes in society. Whether it is the baby boomers, millenials or Gen Z – nothing is as constant as the change in our population. Even Gen Z will get older one day and is no longer “young”. Therefore, it is important to design the existing or new business in such a way that it is quickly adaptable and adaptable to constantly changing, external influencing factors.

The transformation process takes place primarily in the minds of the employees, including those of the management and the board of directors. Internal politics and self-made hurdles inevitably lead to stagnation, and stagnation is synonymous with loss and regression.

Digital nalu as an external partner not only helps to bring a new perspective to your business, but also sets new impulses to understand your new and existing customers. Putting them at the centre of all efforts and thus adapting and, if necessary, digitising their products, their service – that is our task for your long-term success.

„We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.“


Marketing digital products

You finally have a website or an app and are wondering how to market it sensibly? With our many years of expertise in marketing products and services, we not only provide you with our knowledge, but also with the technical setup.

From the marketing concept to the implementation and operation, we take care of the smooth process so that you can concentrate on your core business.


“Therefore prove to whom you are eternally bound” – Friedrich Schiller already knew that an important cornerstone of a relationship is testing or evaluation.

Even if a business relationship is not set in stone, it should still be tested neutrally and reliably. Digital nalu accompanies you as a partner in pitches of agencies as well as of technologies and their implementation up to operation.

We are also there for you when things are no longer running so satisfactorily.

Pitch (consulting)

Within the pitch consulting we put our know-how at your disposal. Due to our many years of experience in various industries and at different positions within the advertising market, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that we can apply to you in the preparation process, during pitches and evaluation.
As a neutral partner, we focus on facts and figures, act independently and are exempt from internal interests.


In many companies, third-party partners are subjected to internal reviews at regular intervals. Often the decision is that the existing setup is reconsidered and paid or unpaid pitches are the result. However, the pitch does not start at the actual presentations of the third-party partners, but much earlier. Depending on the existing and future requirements of the partners, we support you with the appropriate pre-selection (long list) and evaluate the short list with you, which will be invited for the pitches.

During the presentations, we act as neutral observers, critical questioners and external providers of ideas.
In the debriefing, we evaluate the results together with you until a decision is reached.


Do the terms MarTech or AdTech mean anything to you? What about your DSP or SSP? What does your ad server actually do all day?
We not only bring light into the darkness, but are also familiar with the majority of the common technical systems around digital marketing. The pros and cons included!
Since we are not paid by any of the technology providers or resellers, we can act freely and in the best interest of our clients. Whether you take the best of breed approach or prefer a single vendor solution, we question everything first to understand the core of your needs and those of your colleagues or team before defining the requirements together and moving into evaluation.

So, don’t press “Ctrl + Alt + Del”, but “to start press any key”.

Sparring Partner, Training & Accompaniment

Under the principle of “sharing is caring”, we provide you and your employees with sound expertise in the field of digital marketing so that they can get stuck in and get going themselves. We often hear that employees would rather make things happen themselves, “get their hands dirty” and finally want to work in the systems themselves again instead of sitting in meetings.

This is exactly where we come in!

We bring your employees and colleagues up to speed on the latest technical developments, so that they can avoid putting their foot in their mouth, minimise mistakes and get the most out of the existing set-up. We provide you with the knowledge to plan the next strategic steps and to think ahead into the future.
As a daily sparring partner or as a companion during the launch phase of a new technology – we are there for you when you need it most. By means of periodic training, we ensure the long-term and sustainable know-how of your team and pass on the latest tips, tricks and trends.

So don’t miss out!